DapuStor MATBI010 is a PCIE SSD Test system for R&D test and mass production, developed by Shenzhen DAPU Microelectronics Co., Ltd (DapuStor). The testing environment (temperature, voltage, etc.) is controlled by software platform, and the test script is called from the system for function test, performance test, aging test, and so on. It provides the advantages of high capacity, small footprint, good scalability, and at the same time it supports more professional and intelligent way for user-defined and user -developed test scripts.

  Key Features:

■ Professional PCIe NVMe SSD test system

■ Test configuration:

■120 slot 2.5 inches/AIC SSDs( Ambient 0~85 ºC)

■240 slot 2.5 inches/AIC SSDs( Ambient +10 ºC~85 ºC)

■Current & voltage programmable for DUT

■Small footprint (19” rack-based)

■User-friendly pull-down menu & driver scripting language

■Visual temperature & monitoring management

■User-friendly GUI for easy control & monitoring (start/stop/status)

■Single screen displays all DUTs

■Provides characterization data such as performance, throughput, IOPS, temperature, and power consumption

■GUI allows intuitive drill down monitoring from scripts level through DUT interface commands and down to bit level write and read operations

■Comprehensive library of engineering, reliability, quality and production test scripts designed for HDD, SSD and PCIe devices 

■Run independent tests for each port

■Testing software can be updated for future requirement

■Scalable – systems can be connected to create larger test capacities


Dimensions:1450 cm wide x 1860 cm tall x 1070cm deep

  Input Power

Voltage-380V 3 Phase (380V15A/380V30A)


■Test results are delivered in clear, detailed charts and graphs

■Test script development tools

■GUI driven test control platform

■Debug through interactive shell command interface Detailed reporting capabilities

■Individually captured information for every DUT

■Run multiple tests, simultaneously

■API for user-defined plug-ins

■Python/C Support



■Production Testing (Factory)

■Quality Assurance

■Reliability Demonstration Testing 

■Ongoing Reliability Testing (ORT)

■Design Verification Testing (DVT)

■Device Screening

■JEDEC and SNIA Certification


■Military grade testing capability for extreme temperature testing

■Touch screen

■Adapters and fixtures for most Form Factors

■Test suite design and development services

■Visual/audible alarm

■Master operator console for overseeing multiple systems